In the market for custom wood furniture?

Buying a custom table? Need a custom piece of furniture made just for you?

Want a specific style? Need a specific size?

Things to look out for when shopping…

The Wood:

All lumber is considered “green” meaning it’s not been dried after it has been milled. Raw wood has high moisture content, and if used to build furniture it can warp, crack and even shrink turning your beautiful piece into a complete tragedy.

When you purchase a live edge table or any custom furniture, verify if the wood has been kiln dried. This is very important because the wood has been dried to the correct moisture content for its intended use. This ensures the wood maintains its shape and stability.


If using epoxy in your piece, look at quality of artists previous work. Epoxy can be very difficult to work with and if your not leaving it to a professional there are a slew of issues that can arise. Your table can warp, the epoxy portion can have visible air bubbles and even be cloudy and dull looking.

Build Quality:

Look for the types of joints being used if applicable to your piece. Butt or miter joints are the most common and easiest to use build but they are also the weakest. Look for stronger, higher quality joints like tongue and groove, mortise and tenon and dovetail joints. Its also very important if building a table with any joined pieces of wood to inquire about biscuit joining. This is essentially creating dowels in between every joined piece to provide additional strength and keep everything aligned, and prevent shifting over time. For a visual and ease of understanding please click on this useful link on the spruce crafts site.


Buying a custom piece of furniture should be a pleasurable experience. Your getting something made just for you and your space and its important for your piece to last. Before buying, look at the quality finish of other pieces that woodworker has built and check out their reviews and social media sites.

Happy Shopping!

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